Our Specialist Team

From initial assessment to treatment, we aim to provide a multimodal approach that utilises the specialised skills of our multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Mowafak Abdelghani, an expert in the management of chronic pain.

Dr. Mowafak Abdelghani

Dr Mowafak Abdelghani is the founder and lead physician at Piccadilly Medical. He is also the Clinical Lead for Chronic Pain Services at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Trafford General Hospital and Altrincham General Hospital and a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

His undergraduate and initial postgraduate training in medicine and anaesthesia was undertaken at one of the largest and most historic teaching hospitals, Ain-Shams University in Cairo, Egpyt. One of the youngest graduates in the history of his medical school, Dr Abdelghani showed distinction at the very onset of his medical career. In 2002 he was awarded a Master of Science in Anaesthetics from what is still regarded today as one of Egypt's gold standard medical schools.

These early years of medical training exposed Dr Abdelghani to a wide range of medical pahtology but more importantly instilled the virtues of diversity, multiethnicity and culture into his everyday clinical practice. Well revered amongst his colleagues and just as likely to be remembered by his patients for both his clinical acumen and skill, as well as his empathic understanding and comforting consultantion manner, Dr Abdelghani was soon acheiving excellent results empowered by his will to bring Central Manchester Foundation Trust to the forefront of Pain Medicine.

After graduating from Medical School in Cairo, Egypt and completing his Masters of Science and a 4 year training rotation in Ain-Shams University, Cairo he Relocated to the UK where he rotated in Training posts around North Wales, Mersey and Surrey. He joined the Northwest Training Rotation as a Specialist Trainee and Completed the five year training Program. His last year of training was spent at the Imperial school in London, specifically in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where he completed his Advanced Pain training in a twelve month program.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine by examination. He has published chapters on multiple topics of Pain Medicine in 2 books published in the UK and the USA. He has a well established interest and role in post-graduate education and healthcare management. He chairs the North West Pain Group , which holds regular monthly meetings for Pain Medicine Consultants in the North West Region.

Dr. Michael Kurkar

MBChB, MSc, MRCPsych, PGCertED
Dr Micheal Kurkar is a highly experienced Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry currently working for Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. He is the clinical lead of Mental Health Services at The Royal Oldham Hospital. He has accrued vast experience working in the NHS and the private sector. He brings valuable experience to Piccadilly Medical through his specialist interest in managing mental health problems associated with physical health conditions and in particular chronic pain and fibromyalgia. He has a Medical Degree, Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education and Masters in Psychiatry.He is also a Member of the General Medical Council and Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He provides clinical services for a wide range of disorders, including Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. He also provides medication review services and advice. His specialist interest in the fields of Liaison psychiatry and Pain Medicine positions his practice in a such a way as to be able to comprehensively cover mental health conditions related to severe and chronic physical health conditions which frequently co-exist and or exacerbate chronic pain.

Debbie Loughhead

BSc(hons) MSc, MCSP, HCPC registered
Debbie Loughhead is a highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapist currently working in Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She brings over 18 years of experience working across multiple specialities within the NHS and private sector. Debbie has undergone specialisation training in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and over the course of the last 12 years she has developed a wide range of assessment and personalised treatment techniques. She has also been awarded a masters degree in Advancing Physiotherapy from the University of Salford and has a keen interest in research, teaching and evaluating effectiveness of healthcare interventions using validated assessment tools. In recent years she has been a vital component of the Pain Medicine Multi-Disciplinary Team tasked with the development of pathways and treatment protocols following interventional pain procedures. Working with patients suffering from the devastating effects of chronic pain has become one her main passion. She is now leading in her field developing rehabilitation programmes to improve quality of life and help patients achieve individualised or personal goals.

Emma Massoulès

Pain management requires timely liaison between different specialists, primary care services as well as managing clinics & arranging operating theatre sessions. This is where Emma excels. Emma leads our admin team and has more than five years experience in practice management and healthcare administration services. Her professional approach is a corner stone in having a smooth healthcare journey & her vast organisational skills are praised by healthcare professionals as well as patients.